Jalapeno Popper

Type: Starter

Ingredients: Jalapeno chilli, cream cheese, bacon

Instructions: Cut open the chilli and remove the seeds. Try and keep the pod as in-tact as possible. Fill the empty cavity of the chilli with cream cheese. Recomend full fat Philidelphia but we like to experiment with different cheeses. Try Gruyere as well. mmmmm :) If you cut off the stem you can actually put it back in place to hold the thing together. Wrap the entire pod with a slice of bacon. I use smoked but whichever bacon you have is fine. Some people use a toothpick to hold everything together. We actually stopped doing that as its not really necessary if you’re going to wrap them in aluminum foil and cook on the barbeque. If you’re cooking in a caserole dish in the oven then you may want to use toothpicks and don’t bother wraping in foil. Cook in the oven at 180C for 15 minutes or until the pepper itself is fully cooked and softening up. Alternatively, cook wrapped in aluminum foil on the bbq on a high flame for about 15 minutes turning frequently. Again, look for the pepper to be fully cooked.

Chilli: Jalapeno


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